Join two of America’s leading political strategists for an insiders’ view of the battle for the U.S. House of Representatives. Lapp and Hickey are House veterans who have intimate knowledge of the country’s battleground districts.  Although Republican Liesl Hickey and Democrat Alixandria Lapp are usually on opposite sides of a House race, they actually have lots in common. They’ve both been working in the House trenches for over a decade. They’ve served their time on Capitol Hill, in the party committees, and with outside groups. And they’re both moms, raising kids from teenagers to kindergartners inside the beltway.

So tune in for the once-in-a-fortnight opportunity to hear Liesl, Ali and their fun special guests discuss the big political trends driving House races. Take deep dives into the most competitive districts in the country and hear their unique, fresh take on what it all means as we head towards November of 2018.