Episode 29: WA08, KS03, NY22, and KY06 Overviews

Hi House Talkers, 

Now that we’re in the post-Labor Day home stretch we discuss some of the top races that both of us are following closely—WA08, KY06, NY22, and KS03.

We discuss these 4 top races in depth, as well as a broader topic of how how the national committees and outside groups are trying to define the narrative in these races.

Which of these races is your favorite? Let us know!

Ali and Liesl

Episode 28: Looking to Arizona and Florida with Alex Conant

Hi House Talkers!

Are you ready to see some Arizona and Florida primary results?? We are!! And we've got a great episode for you to listen to while you hit "refresh" on your election results website of choice tonight...

Our guest is Republican strategist and crisis communications specialist Alex Conant of Firehouse Strategies. Alex worked for Senator Marco Rubio's presidential campaign, President George W. Bush, and the RNC during the McCain presidential bid, so there's no one better to help us make sense of last week's political bombshells.

On a serious note, both of us send our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Senator John McCain. He fought for what he believed in with tenacity, but also with grace and class. His underlying belief that being an American is far more important than being either a Republican or a Democrat is something we certainly can agree on.

Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday with your family and friends! 

Ali & Liesl

Episode 27: House Outlook Update 2.0 with Cook Political Report's Dave Wasserman

Hi House Talkers!

In our latest episode we welcome Dave Wasserman, the House editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, back to House Talk. Last year he gave us an overview of how the House is shaping up this year.

When we interviewed Dave last week before he hit the campaign trail, we discuss whether 2018 is shaping up to be a wave. Is 2018 shaping up to be 2010 in reverse? 

What differentiates some suburban House Republicans who Dave thinks are safer from those he puts in tossup categories? 

Listen on to find out more!

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Ali and Liesl

Episode 26: All Things Minnesota with House Majority PAC's Charlie Kelly

Hello House Talkers!

In our latest episode, Charlie Kelly, House Majority PAC’s executive director, joins us to discuss his home state of Minnesota, which Ali thinks is the most fascinating state this whole election cycle! 

We talk about some of the top Minnesota races—the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, and more!

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Episode 25: August 7th Primaries & Special Election

Hi House Talkers!

We have two fun episodes to share with you! This week, we were honored to be invited on National Journal's Against the Grain podcast totalk House races with Josh Kraushaar. We had a great time - listen here! 

And we released a new House Talk episode today, featuring Roll Call's Simone Pathe'. We dove into all the August 7th special election and primary results, including Ali's home state of Washington, Republican Troy Balderson's oh-so-close victory in OH-12, and the surprisingly competitive Kansas House races.

We'll be back next week with special guest Charlie Kelly in an episode focusing on his home state's critical House races (Minnesota) and his work as the Executive Director of the biggest Democratic outside group playing in House races -- House Majority PAC. Stay tuned!

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Ali & Liesl

Episode 24: Can Democrats win in the South? With Pollster John Anzalone

Hi House Talkers,

Joining us all the way from Alabama in our latest episode is Democratic pollster, John Anzalone. We talk about everything from how politics in the South has changed over time to the benefits of working in politics outside of DC. 

We also talk about the “old” vs “new” Souths, and the differences between Democrats who won in the South as recently as 2008 and the ones who are running now, in 2018.

Episode 23: Understanding the New York Primaries

Hi House Talkers!

This week, Matt Canter of New York-based Global Strategy Group joins us to talk about the most exciting primaries of the week....the New York primaries! We had competitive primaries in key races and saw a member of the House Democratic leadership lose to a candidate who was just 8 years old when he was first elected. Wow! What a week.

As we head into the holiday weekend, we hope you have a terrific Fourth of July holiday! We'll be back soon with more great House Talk!

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Ali & Liesl

Episode 22: Crossover with The Midpod

Hi House Talkers! 

We've got a special episode for you this week. Forget Infinity War, because this might be the most ambitious crossover yet. We joined The Midpod in DC for a jointly hosted episode detailing our own path to politics and why these two moms decided to start a podcast of their own.

We talk all about the latest House news, including which races the four of us are keeping our eyes on, and which House districts we'd like to visit ourselves!

Episode 21: California's Primary Results with Politico's Elena Schneider

Hi House Talkers!

This week, we watched as several key states held House primaries. California, with its top-two primary system, was the most watched and most critical in the overall race for the House majority, as it was conceivable one party or the other could get "locked out" of the November ballot due to not coming in first or second on June 5th.

Yes, it's a confusing and - for most of us - frustrating process that is incredibly difficult to understand and navigate. Fortunately, this week Politico's Elena Schneider -- fresh off a five-day trip to California to report on the primaries - joins us to assess the outcomes and look ahead to November.

Stay tuned next week - we'll be doing a joint podcast with a couple of ladies who've immersed themselves in the midterms as much as we have and are traveling the country and reporting on different districts. And don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and rate our podcast!

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Ali & Liesl

Episode 20: Midterm Update with Washington Post's Paul Kane

Hi House Talkers!

In this episode we talk with the Washington Post’s Paul Kane about all of your favorite recent primaries, from Nebraska to Pennsylvania (and Paul even gives us some insight on why cheesesteaks really are so much better in Philly).

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