Episode 12: Wave Elections with Stuart Rothenberg

Hi House Talkers!

If you're following the 2018 midterms (which we know you are), you're hearing a lot of discussion about whether or not this is a "wave" election -- is it like 2006 when the Democrats picked up 30 seats and the majority? Is it like 2010 when the Republicans picked up 63 seats and took the majority back? 

Stu Rothenberg, the founder of the Rothenberg Political Report (now known as Inside Elections) and truly one of Washington's sharpest political minds and election handicappers, joins us this week to talk about what a wave is and whether or not we're headed for one this November. 

As party strategists, we can tell you that identifying a wave early is really important. It helps inform resource allocation decisions and gives each side insight into which incumbents are likely to lose no matter how hard you fight, and what kinds of sleeper races are worth paying attention to in the final months -- or even weeks -- of the campaign.