Episode 13: Let's Talk About Pennsylvania!

Hi House Talkers!

There is a lot going on in Pennsylvania this year. There's a special election in western Pennsylvania that outside groups are spending millions of dollars to win. The state Supreme Court just ruled that the existing congressional maps were illegally gerrymandered and new maps are needed - by February 15th! Add to that two competitive open seats and some of the swingy-est political terrain in the country, and Pennsylvania suddenly looks like a hotbed of House action. And we're still waiting for some Philadelphia political expert to figure out what an Eagles Super Bowl win or loss will mean for voter turnout in the critical Philly suburbs - any takers?

To discuss all these issues and more, McClatchy National Political Correspondent Alex Roarty joined us for a great discussion. Alex began his political journalism career in Pennsylvania and is a real expert on the state's dynamics and House races.

Listen here! And don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and rate the podcast! You may have noticed this episode is coming out just a week after our last one, with Stu Rothenberg. Things are changing so rapidly every day in Pennsylvania we wanted to get it out right away! You can look forward to our next new episode in a few weeks.

Thank you!

Ali & Liesl