Episode 21: California's Primary Results with Politico's Elena Schneider

Hi House Talkers!

This week, we watched as several key states held House primaries. California, with its top-two primary system, was the most watched and most critical in the overall race for the House majority, as it was conceivable one party or the other could get "locked out" of the November ballot due to not coming in first or second on June 5th.

Yes, it's a confusing and - for most of us - frustrating process that is incredibly difficult to understand and navigate. Fortunately, this week Politico's Elena Schneider -- fresh off a five-day trip to California to report on the primaries - joins us to assess the outcomes and look ahead to November.

Stay tuned next week - we'll be doing a joint podcast with a couple of ladies who've immersed themselves in the midterms as much as we have and are traveling the country and reporting on different districts. And don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and rate our podcast!

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